About Cathy


Cathy Heller has become a go-to in licensing music for Ads, film and Tv. Cathy has licensed her songs hundreds of times to ads, tv and film such as Walmart, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Hasbro and shows like Criminal Minds, Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars etc. She has been featured in Variety, Billboard and The LA Weekly. She was asked to speak about this speciality of hers at Beeklee, The BIllboard Film/TV conference, The ASCAP EXPO, UCLA and now she's offering all she knows to any artist who wants to learn. She has dynamic, inspiring, in depth classes that give a step by step break down on how to be a huge success licensing your music. Join a class today. Stay tuned for future updates on more classes offered online. 

My New Signature Course on How to License Your Music to Film/TV is coming out soon. Sign up for my Cheat Sheet above, so that I can get your email and let you know when the class is available. This will be your road map on how to Create a Great Living Doing What you Love. Horray!! 

How To Make 6 Figures Licensing Your Songs:

Upcoming Classes:

May 23rd, June 6th, June 20th and July 11 online Monday 10 am Pst. $99 per class.

June 7th and July 5th Tuesday 10 am-12:30 The Working Stage Theater $175 per class. 

June 12th and July 10 Sunday 10 am-12:30 The Hudson Theater $175 per class. 

To register for classes email cathy@catchthemoonmusic.com and paypal letsgo@catchthemoonmusic.com to hold your space.